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2 ˝ to 4 years old

Our Tadpoles and Polliwogs program is especially for the young preschooler. We offer a relaxed atmosphere and stimulating environment. This program offers opportunity for growth and understanding along with self help skills and light socialization for our littlest learners.

Meals and Snacks

Children attending our programs enjoy USDA Guidelines for meals and snacks. Food is organic and local when possible. Fresh whole foods are used. Programs include breakfast, morning snack, lunch , and afternoon snack, as well as all beverages.

4 to 6 years old

Our Frogs and Jumpers program provides a routine schedule and stimulating environment. This program offers academic and social readiness activities to prepare the child for practical life skills, early learning, and kindergarten. Children are offered projects, and materials set for exploration, stories, in a living environment to suit children’s interests and growing need for understanding.

Nap and Quiet Time

Children enrolled in our program are given appropriate bedding and allowed a relaxation time during the day as needed for napping or resting.

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