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Why Choose us

Our mission is to empower the child with a firm foundation on which to scaffold and build future successes.

Our philosophy is child-centered, conducting a challenging yet developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our program is well-rounded to meet the multi-faceted needs of the preschooler. We provide a daily routine which provides security by allowing for a sense of time for the young child.

Who are we

We’re a Certified Family Childcare through the Oregon Childcare Division, accredited by the National Association of Family Child Care. We’re a small in home facility offering a high quality full time care for preschool and prekindergarten children ages 2 ˝ to 6.

We offer creative thinking and expression through the arts including visual, musical, dramatic play. We explore science, discovery and a stimulating environment with meaningful play and thoughtfully planned activities and active exploration.

We provide a high quality program and look forward hearing from you.

Safety First

The facility is always secure. Parents can access the site at any time using a personal entry code. Children are kept on premise with the exception of fire drills.

Children enjoy an eco-healthy environment which means less chemicals, more recycling, and increased safety guidelines.

Our backyard play space is a certified wildlife habitat meaning we don’t use harsh chemicals in our yard, we participate in organic gardening, and provide the necessary elements for wildlife to survive: birds, caterpillars, and ladybugs...

Our food is healthy, mainly organic, and our caregiver is educated, professional, and experienced.

Michele@BlueFrogsJump.com(503) 925 - 3919